Therapy in Lake Oswego

Licensed Professional Counselor

Nationally Certified Counselor

Adult, Adolescent, and Couples Counseling

Are you needing support, direction, or an informed and fresh perspective?

Dealing with issues that cause you stress and worry? Want to learn some life skills that will assist you in living the life you want to? Increasing awareness of how stress and our thinking processes influence our behavior develops an insight that creates greater decision making, and increases self confidence and esteem.
Whether you have previously been in therapy or are just beginning, creating lasting change first requires finding a therapist you feel comfortable working closely with. My goal is to create a sense of safety, offer additional perspective, and provide effective techniques that will allow you to become the person you aspire to, and were created to be. 

 I know that finding a therapist can be extremely daunting! I am committed to making sure that I am a good fit for the people I work with. If I am not a good fit  due to schedule, location, insurance needs, or even style, it is important to me that I can offer some resources for folks to connect with other therapists who will be a good fit. It is my pleasure to lead people towards the right solutions.

Are you struggling with:

   Anxiety, Panic or Depression?
   Obsessive or Intrusive Thoughts?
   Long Standing Internal Conflict?
   Grief and loss?
   Personal Boundary Issues?
   Marital/Relationship Challenges?
   Midlife Evaluation?
   Past Trauma or Isolation?

   Not Feeling Quite Right?

Take that step...

  • If your current self, does not match your ideal self, lets meet, and begin to bridge that gap.


Please print off the forms below and bring them with you to your first session. If you have any questions about these forms, please let me know.