About Me...

My practice is centered around couples, adults, young adults, and teenagers. I hold a Master’s degree from Pacific University in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Portland State University. I specialize in struggles with mood (depression and anxiety) including PTSD, Generalized Anxiety, and OCD. I particularly enjoy working with people around life transitions (before, during and after), as well as setting behavioral goals. I really enjoy teaching on relationship enhancement and communication. I am an adjunct faculty member at Clark College, in the Human Development Department where I lecture on Motivation, Stress Management, and Relationship Communication. In addition to my education and clinical training, I have significant and varied life experience from which I draw on to serve the needs of my clients. 

I believe...

· in honest communication even when it is difficult

· that people are more alike than different

· in authentic interactions 

· in exploring and understanding emotions

· that everyone has the ability to have deep satisfying relationships even if they they never learned how to 

· that life is a mix of experiences that we can learn to respond, rather than react to

· in people's ability to overcome

· in creating healing around longtime pain even when other's suggest you should "get over it"  

· that we all have an original design that is larger than ourselves

· that a person's spirituality and faith are worth exploring  

 I follow the ethical guidelines set forth by the Oregon Counseling Association as well as the American Counseling Association.