About Counseling


What Takes Place in a Counseling Session?

In the first session we usually talk about why you have come to counseling as well as any goals that you may already have for yourself. Sometimes, a first session is about letting go, and involves more crying than talking.  Either type of first session can be very healing! It really just depends on where you are when you come in... In following sessions, you will learn new techniques to cope with struggles and shift your perspective in a direction that allows for more choice, promotes personal growth and strengthens self confidence.

How Long Does Counseling Last?

Each session lasts 50 minutes. It is typical to start out with weekly sessions, yet many prefer to come every other week. If you are in a crisis or in extreme distress, I may see you more than once a week until the crisis passes. As often as possible, I like to leave the door open when counseling ends, for check ins, future goal setting, and problem solving. It can be so helpful to know there is a counselor in your contact list who knows you, knows your story, and can meet with you from time to time to help you problem solve, process-or  just listen

What Can I Expect to Get Out of Counseling?

There are many benefits to counseling. You may be experiencing a problem and find yourself so wrapped up in it that you have lost perspective.  Counseling can help redirect you, offer feedback and most importantly, offer you a safe place for you to process your thoughts,  behaviors and emotions. People tend  to take away as much as they put into the counseling process.  It is important for you to put into practice the things discussed in session for  both immediate/short term, and lasting improvements in your life. 

Additionally, you can expect counseling will create a sense of connection and safety with your counselor. This benefit may be more significant that people realize. Counseling is a place where your are neither too much nor not enough. You are just enough, and in that sacred safe space,everything you were truly created to be is free to emerge. 

Is Counseling Confidential?

One of the reasons so many people come to counseling is for the freedom of confidentiality. It can release an incredible amount of tension and pressure being able to speak freely and knowing that your words will not leave the room. The confidentiality of your counseling is protected by law. Your written consent is required to release any information.

There are a few limits to confidentiality in counseling. Information may be released without your consent only under the following circumstances as outlined by law:
~When there is reasonable cause to believe that there is a threat of serious harm to yourself or to others. 

~When a court order is received.

~When there is reasonable cause to believe that animal, child or elder abuse/neglect has occurred.